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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Day 44/ SARPE Healing Still Uncomfortable

Well today was one of those days where I was painfully aware that my mouth is still very much on the mend. My front teeth have been killing me all day! So much so that I can't even bite anything with them as they are just super sensitive. I took another pic of my gap today as it seems like it is really trying to close and I assume that is why my teeth are hurting so bad today. I compared it to the one I posted the other day and it has in fact closed a bit more. Probably about 1/2mm. There is only about 1mm left til it is completely closed. I can't wait as I'm tired of this throbbing ache between my teeth, and I'm assuming it will go away once the gap is closed. At least that is what I hope, I suppose I could still continue to feel it once the gap has closed, but it seems unlikely. I will certainly keep you all posted on it though.

Last night I used my rubberbands to sleep since my lower teeth are now stablized with the giant rectangular wire. It worked well until about 7:00am this morning when I had to take the rubberbands off because my upper teeth were aching. Doctors really don't understand the palatal sensitiviy that goes along with this type of surgery. My ortho seems to think that I can just hook anything up to my top teeth and it is all good. He really just doesn't get that it hurts! or that even though my palate is mostly numb, there is sensitivity in it, and pressure of any type on it is very uncomfortable. Now I find this this is not rocket science. I mean you break the palate bone, expand it a bunch, and it takes 4 months to heal for goodness sakes. What part of this would make a doctor possibly think that there would be no pain or sensitivity in that area? I mean, come on lets be real here! Anyway...suffice it to say that I will probably not be using the rubberbands again tonight given the amount of pain I have been in today. Perhaps I will wake tomorrow and my gap will be completey closed....wouldn't that be nice!

Well I had a long day today so I'm going to bed! I will check in again tomorrow.


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