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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Day 51/ Gap Is Closing

My mouth is feeling pretty good lately. No real pain other than that that comes from eating stuff that is really hard, or the normal daily wear of my appliance.

I put a rubberband on my gap last night. It made my teeth sorta tender and a bit achey but I tried to sleep with it. I woke up about 4am and the rubberband had popped off. I tried to get it back on several times to no avail, then finally pulled it off and went back to sleep. When I woke my gap was right back where it had started. :(
So, I put the rubberband back on this afternoon when I got home. My teeth are pretty sore right now, but it mostly feels like the sensitivity you get when you go to the ortho for an adjustment. The gap is closing up, and is almost together. I'm going to sleep with the rubberband on again tonight. Hopefully it will stay put and and by tomorrow morning things will be looking good. I think what happens is as the gap closes the rubberband becomes a bit slack and pops off easier. Plus I'm using a regular orthodontic rubberband so its a bit thick to stay hooked around the brackets themselves.

My lower teeth are doing nothing! I noticed last night as I was intensly studying my teeth with the 10x magnification mirror. That my ortho put a crimp in that giant wire on the bottom so that it would not slide or move. So basically they are "stabilized" as my ortho puts it, or "stuck in neutral and going no where" as I put it. I know he did this so I could use the rubberbands and get some sleep. However I don't use the rubberbands anyway as it is just uncomfortable! I have found that I have been sleeping pretty ok lately. I'm waking a lot grinding and clenching my teeth (for whatever reason) but somehow I think the SARPE has helped a bit with my apnea. I know I can breathe better through my sinuses now, but I think the increased space or width has also helped to some degree. I actually feel like I"m sleeping, and I'm waking up remembering dreams that I had so that pretty much tells me that I"m getting into deep sleep. I'm going to tell my ortho this when I go in for my next visit and see if he will take these hook off my canines and just get busy with aligning the lowers.

I was looking at some pre and post pics of my smile today. It really is amazing how much things have changed in my mouth in just 2 months. This is right before SARPE, 3 days ago, and today.

Take a look at how much my lowers have changed, I can really see the difference in them. This is day one with braces, and now. Pretty amazing progress I think!


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