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Monday, April 24, 2006

Day 53/ Stubborn Gap

I took the rubberband off my teeth today, and here are the results. As you can see the gap is only slightly smaller than it was last Wednesday, not enough to warrant the discomfort from the rubberband In my opinion. I really think my diastema is going to have to close on its own. When I try and force it it just pulls the bottoms of my incisors together and the tops still have a slight space and don't fit together like they should. You can really see from the top pic how the bottoms have moved together. The lower pic the gap seems to be moving together much more evenly. I've also noticed that no matter how long I wear the chain, as soon as I take it off...within just a couple of hours it is already moving back into its previous location. I'm just going to leave it alone and see what it does now. When its ready it will close, and if it doesn't then I guess it will be my ortho's job to make it fit the way its supposed to again.

I had a sore tongue day again today. Too much talking! I had to read some books to some kids today and by the end of one story my tongue was just miserable. 28 days left til RPE removal!

I have discovered that stuffed crepes could be the perfect food for people with an RPE. Most of the time the stuff inside of them is finely chopped, and the crepes themselves are very thin and super easy to eat. I had dinner at an italian restaurant tonight and had crepes stuffed with lean ground beef,spinach, onions, and cheese. They were covered with a lemon butter type sauce, and a bit of marinara. They were so good! and best of all easy to eat......well except for a few stringy pieces of spinach that got caught,nothing that was too terrible to remove though. I also had some blueberry crepes a few weeks back at IHOP that were really good also, and I remember being thrilled at how easy they were to eat. Anyway...even though my tongue hurts, it was a good food night for me! LOL...


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