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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Day 65/ Sad Sore Mouth :(

My mouth is pretty sore today. All that burning, aching, and tingling has been doing something. My gap is pretty much closed, all except a tiny bit at the top. My teeth are definitely moving though. The brackets have been tearing up my lips all day, and eating is more of a nightmare than usual just because they hurt. I have been wearing strips of wax across my upper teeth pretty much all day long the past two days. Mostly it is bugging me on my right side. I looked at some pics and I can see some changes.

Do any of you (who are like me and obsessing over your teeth) sometimes see changes in them and get mad? Especially if it looks like it is not a good change? Some of my upper teeth are starting to shift downward a bit (thus the brackets relocating.) They have been looking so good and now I feel like they are starting to look bad. I have an adjustment on the 22nd but man that feels like an eternity away. Funny how when I got the self ligating brackets one of the selling points for me was longer time between adjustments, and now that is one of the things that I hate the most about them! Eight weeks between appointments is just to long! I'm so having a hard time with this whole patience thing! I want them to get done not so much super fast, but as quickly as they can safely be done....However, not just when my ortho can fit me into the ortho mill lineup! I mean doesn't he know how high maintenance I am? It really is ALL ABOUT ME! LOL... Maybe I need to tell him next appt. :)

Anyway...I'm frustrated tonight because my mouth hurts! and my teeth are moving in directions that I don't think they should be moving. Everytime I see this I think..Ughhh! That's another 8 weeks of adjustment to move them back or into a new location! Sometimes it feels like we are wasting so much time, doing stuff over again. Again, its not so much the 8 week time frame as it is me feeling like we are redoing stuff that was at one point, pretty recently, just fine. I hate wasting time fixing stuff twice, as that just takes away time we could be working on other issues in my mouth that need addressing. I hope my ortho puts on a "real" archwire next time and starts moving stuff around on top. It will be almost 3 months since my surgery by then and it seems like that is sufficient enough time, and that he should be able to begin moving my teeth into proper alignment now instead of just loosening them with this wimpy wire I'm wearing.

Other than this not much else is going on. WE put our house on the market and had our first nibble the other day with an appointment. She seemed very interested, asked if she could bring her husband back to see it today, and seemed like she was worried that she might lose it if she didn't act fast, however, then we never heard back from her. Funny how that works.....

Well I'm going to begin my nightly cleaning ritual, then hit the sack. I will gab somemore tomorrow.


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