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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Day 68/ Gap Closure on Overdrive!

Today my teeth have been aching all day! Especially in my front incisors. Now it is not the same kindof ache as before, well it sorta is, but is also different at the same time. It feels like pressure from the sides now, instead of pressure all over. Like my teeth are trying to run over one another and fighting to see who is going to win the race. It is very annoying! I had to take some advil this evening as I just needed a break from the pressure pain. Not much else has changed in my mouth otherwise. I swear that I can feel behind my incisors (when I push up on my palate) some new bone growth. I know that sounds crazy but I tell you I can feel it. Also, I'm getting a lot of nerve regeneration in that area now also.

Today I really ripped my tongue up too! The stablizing wire they put into my appliance has sorta worked its way lose. It won't stay tucked in like it used to, and the only way to really keep it out of my way is jamming a bunch of wax up on it. Now as all of you probably know, it is next to impossible to eat anything without wax coming off, and if you drink anything hot like coffee or tea, just melts. I was eating a cup of pudding today and the wire some how came loose without me noticing. As I was trying to swish the pudding off the top of my mouth and the appliance, the wire caught my tongue and I got a nice big nick taken out of it! Man that hurt! Needless to say it has been tender ever since!

I was so irritated with this RPE that I really almost called the ortho this afternoon to see if I could come in earlier like next week, instead of waiting til the 22nd. Then I decided I needed to not be a wimp and tough it out so I didn't call, but man I wanted to, and I'm totally counting the days til they take this sucker out! Twelve days and counting!


  • At 9:30 PM, Blogger Mrs. Shanton said…

    I'll be excited for you to get that danged thing out of your mouth. You've been very patient. I think I would cry.


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