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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Day 70/Look How Far I've Come???

Wow check this out! I loaded my pre surgery pic (this is three days before my SARPE) and then the second pic of my teeth as of today. My gap has been gradually closing over the past 7 weeks. Check out how my incisors have literally returned to almost the exact presurgery location! Isn't that crazy! They don't seem to be moving anymore so its like they just had to get back to that exact comfort zone! I was pretty amazed at that! Look how much difference there is pre vs now. Huge huh? Sometimes I look at all these pics and I can't believe that all of this has been done in less than 3 months.
You can really see the changes that have taken place if you look at the enlarged views below.

Current view of my teeth as of today.

Pre SARPE Pic (3 days before)
I get so excited when I can really see my progress. Makes all the aggravation totally worthwhile! I'm really looking forward to getting the RPE out though. Then things will be much better! Only 10 more days! I'm going to take lots of pictures as I'm curious to see if we lose any space once the RPE comes out. My ortho says we will probably lose 1/2 - 1mm but we shall see. I'm looking most forward to seeing what my teeth feel like when they touch. Right now I can't really close properly as my teeth just hit the prongs on the appliance. It will be the first time in my life that my teeth have actually met on the outsides edges like they are supposed to!


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