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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Day 75/ Its True! Its Really Coming Out on Monday

Ok..I couldn't stand it. I emailed the ortho asking about my procedure on Monday. I had to be sure that this thing was really coming out of my mouth for good. I asked if there was anything special I needed to do before hand, like impressios etc here is a copy of their reply;

Hello there Brandy!! will be
in heaven having the roof of your mouth back!! don't have
to do anything. The Dr. removes the RPE with the handpiece and then
bends the TPA chairside!! (he's so talented!!) The bands you have on your
back molars have tubes that the TPA slides into once he has shaped it to
fit your palate. Now doesn't that sound like a party!! See you Monday!!

I or course (being the overeducated women that I am) had to reply back since my RPE is welded to the insides of my bands, and there are no tubes on them. This was their reply the second time:

You're almost too smart for your own good!! ;) He cuts the welds then should not be getting new bands...even though it's
welded...the bands still have the lingual sheaths (tubes)....if not I'll
let you know. Dr. is at lunch right now! I'll ask him when he gets back!
I had to laugh about the "you're almost too smart for your own good" part as they are really nice but I know they have to think that about me. I swear I know more most of the time than the girls that work there do. I research everything, I know the names of the brackets, the tubes, the hooks, the anacronyms for the procedures and appliances, I'm like a closet wannabe ortho now! LOL.... I haven't heard back from them yet but I'm pretty sure they will be replacing the bands, and since I know the RPE is really coming out I see no reason to bother them anymore. I will just wait til Monday and be surprised. this point I'm fine either way just as long as this thing gets gone! :)

So its official! It's really coming out! 4 days left and my mouth will be free! I cannot tell you how happy I am. I think this ranks right up there with the birth of my son in terms of euphoria! LOL... As expected feeling is still coming back in my front left incisors and while I can still tell that it is not completely back to normal, it is getting very close so hopefully by Monday I will have full feeling back.


  • At 9:24 PM, Blogger mandy said…

    So I went to the ortho today and I asked him how long I would have to have the RPE..he said 4 months.. FOUR... I was like, isn't there another device that you put in after around two months (thinking of your posts about the TPA). And he said he had never heard of using anything but the RPE post expansion. So I've done my homework and printed a bunch of pictures of it, with the definition of it..and I'm taking it right over to him tomorrow. Hopefully he'll let me get one.. I really don't think I can handle this think for four months. But the point of all this is thank goodness you have this blog..otherwise, I would never have known about the TPA!!

  • At 6:47 AM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said…

    Hey Mandy,
    I had never heard of it either! Amy (one of the other bloggers on my list) had one and told me about it. I was going to ask my ortho when I went in for my first post op follow up about it, but I didn't have to. He said "on you next appt we will take this RPE out and put in an appliance that is a little less invasive. I said "A TPA??" and he said "yep thats the one" I was so happy and glad that I wouldn't have to wear it for 4 months that I told him "that he just made my day, and I was so happy I could kiss him" LOL.... He just laughed and told me "I'm not that mean" So he clearly seems to understand that the RPE is not very comfortable. Actually though its not recommended for palate expansion until after 3 months. You need at least that long to heal otherwise you could have problems with the loosing some of your space. It will retain the space after it is there but doesn't do the job of the RPE until it is pretty well set. Amy's was put in at about 3 months, and mine is just about 3 months also. Then I assume I will have to wear the TPA for at least another 3 months.

    Glad the blog has helped though!



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