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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Day 80/ Memories......

I was sitting in the Italian restaurant tonight eating my seafood linguine, forcing my way through a salad that had great blue cheese dressing, but was truly distasteful due to the amount of agony required to chew it with any amount of normalcy. I was thinking that some how, I should be savoring this moment, looking at how far I have come, and perhaps waxing poetic or something. I mean after tomorrow this RPE will be history, just a thing of the past, and my experience with it nothing more than a bitter memory...whats that song by Barbara Streisand? (ok I'm really showing my age here) "Memories.... may be beautiful and yet....whats to painful to remember... we simply choose just to forget" While this RPE journey has been anything but beautiful(other than the results it has produced), the part about being painful, and forgetting...well those lyrics where right on and that is exactly what I plan to do!

I wish I could find something redeeming to say about this torture device, other than it works and works well! Truth be told though I'm truly impressed with myself that I survived it! That I have almost made it to the end. I mean while the RPE in and of itself was not particularly painful, I can honestly say that my "fun meter" has been pegged. In my mind I have truly exceeded the lifetime limits one should have to endure on the aggravation and frustration scale. I mean it SUCKED! totally, truly, completely, absolutely, unquestionably, and without a doubt! The worst part about all of this suffering is that you must do most of it in silence. Others will not understand nor will they care what you are going through (unless they themselves have worn one of these things) In fact they may even tell you to shut up about it and quit your whining! LOL... So you will be forced to deal with the trials and tribulations of your RPE largely on your own.

With that being said it has been one of the most difficult, yet rewarding experiences of my life. Yes, I know this doesn't make any sense! I probably sound like I've completely lost my mind! However, I'm a firm believer that we only appreciate the things in life that we really have to work at, and lord knows I have had to work at this one. Every single day with this appliance was a trial that I wasn't sure I would get through. Some days were much better than others, but none were ever without their issues. So with that being said, even though it has been tough, I highly recommend this procedure! Not only will the results truly shock and amaze you, but the experience, the daily struggle to survive (ok I'm exaggerating a little), will make you a better person. You will know upon completion that you have accomplished something really great! Something really worthy of praise! You will have a new found appreciation for suffering, know that you are far stronger than you realized, and that you can do anything you set your mind to. Not only that you will have gained a totally new mouth and your RPE will leave your smile forever transformed!

I have no idea what is to come with the TPA on Monday or with my continued braces/jaw surgery journey in the next few months. Honestly I'm sorta glad at this point that I don't know what to expect. What I know for sure is that it can go nowhere but up from here BABY! I'M A SURVIVOR! I LIVED THROUGH THE RPE! WOOO HOOO!



  • At 2:31 PM, Blogger Tally21 said…

    I have had mine in for 3 weeks and am still expanding , I am finding it hard to make myself understood and eating is just too hard to worry about sometimes but.....I think its going to be worth it. Your blog has been a HUGE source of support for me and I appreciate the efforts! enjoy !

  • At 5:47 PM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said…

    Hey Tally,
    I have seen your blog also. Trust me when I say I totally feel your pain! RPE's suck...plain and simple. You will love the results of your surgery and the time you spend in it though. It really does work....and like I said you will feel so proud of yourself once its over! Hope your time in the torture device flys by!



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