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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Day 77/ I Think My Palate is too Big for My Mouth Now!

LOL...but I"m sorta serious! I'm sure it will improve when I get my braces off, but I have noticed considerable aggravation from the molar bands on my teeth since my mouth grew 9mm. When I first got them I never even realized the molar bands had tubes or hooks on them. I just never felt them. Since expanding...OMG they poke my cheeks constantly. If I talk too much or smile too much I get sores in my mouth. The hooks will catch on my cheeks and take a chunk out of them. I seriously have to cover them with wax everyday just to get through the day or I come home with puncture wounds! It sucks! I don't see this getting better once my RPE appliance is out since the bands will be staying in to accomodate future tooth movement.

We had a volunteer luncheon at school today and I told my principal that I couldn't smile or talk too much or else it starts to hurt. He thought it was funny but I was totally serious!

This is my Smile last week/ and now this week. They have really straightened out a lot. You can tell in the expansion pics below also.

Day 70 palate view/ Today's view (See how my incisors have straightened out a bit?) It surprises me that even after almost 3 months my palate pics change in some way almost weekly.

My upper left quadrant (starting at my front incisors) were a bit annoying today. Difficult to explain the actual sensation. Not pain, not really aching, not pressure, just something not right! I don't know how you detail the specifics of what nerve regeneration feels like, but I can tell you that I know how it feels. I can now differentiate between tooth pain, pressure pain, movement pain, and nerve regeneration sensations, with amazing accuracy. I have been getting more feeling in my upper left quadrant for about a week now. I can sometimes feel my gum area just pulsing/throbbing. It's not painful, but just feels like things are healing and repairing, like some work is going on in there ! I lay down in bed at night and feel my heartbeat in the gums behind my incisors. It's a weird feeling, however, while they are still a bit numb, there is definitely more feeling in them today then yesterday, so I know that those nerve connections are becoming reestablished. They seem to be healing pretty rapidly now too! I still have quite a bit of numbness in my upper gums, but I'm confident that it will be better within the next month.

Something that is really strange is that sometimes when I sorta suck on my front incisor, like to maybe get something off of it, or when I put my tongue over the top to collect excess saliva that has accumulated, I will feel it in my left sinus! It's so bizarre! I think maybe this is because the sinus cavity is right above the palatal suture and mine is still filling in, so when I create suction I feel it into my sinus area. Whatever the reason it sorta freaks me out, but I keep trying it out to see if it has gone away. One thing I definitely have to say about all this surgery and healing stuff is I swear there is never a dull moment in my mouth now! LOL... It seems like there is some change, or something new going on to report everyday, especially if one is really paying attention to the little stuff.

I hope all these details are helpful to those of you going through this procedure or contemplating it. Personally my family thinks I'm a bit obsessed with my teeth right now, but honestly I find it all sorta facinating to follow, and since it's my mouth it sorta helps me to get through it and focus on the healing instead of the negative aspects of it.


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