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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Day 83/ I Hate Adjustments! OH...and New Appliances!

Today sorta sucked! My teeth are sore from the TPA. The molars it is attached to are just plain achey, and my front teeth were all hurting today also. Nerve regeneration pain mostly. my lower molars are sore from the powerchain yanking on them, and my tongue is sore AGAIN! from rubbing on the appliance. It is not the top of my tongue that really hurts, but the edges now. It is the same spot on the TPA were the RPE welds were. Now it is the inside loops and the hooks from the TPA! I'm still using a ton of wax as now I have to cover these spots as well as the outside bracket hooks. Everyday I have to cover all four of these spots, and take it off everytime I eat, then put it back on. I'm back to eating virtually nothing as it is just too uncomfortable or aggravating to bother with. Today it feels like this oral aggravation is just never going to end. Sometimes I just so want my old mouth back!

I'm sure the lack of food and sleep are making things seem a lot worse today then they really are, but whatever the reason today is just not one of my better days.

I will say though, even with all the new aggravation from the appliance changes the TPA is way better then the RPE. So much easier to talk, my mouth isn't constantly salivating, and eating is greatly improved (or at least I think it will be) LOL... I can see however, that there is a definite trick to eating with this thing. I think the difference is that with the RPE you would have to stop and get stuff out of the appliance as you would sorta risk choking if you didn't. With the TPA you can (if you can stand it) almost not worry about it til you are done eating. Then you can work the food out of the loop. I think once I get used to it that there could actually be days where I forget that I'm wearing it. That would've never happened with the RPE! This is what I'm hoping for anyway, as if not it is going to be a long two months!


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