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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Day 87/ Powerless Powerchain and Whacko Wires!

Ok..Today was rather aggravating, and I have decided to give my ortho a call on Monday. My top wire keeps sliding. I had to move it back 3 or 4 times today. I'm not going to do that every day for the next 8 weeks! The assistant put these two little thingies on the wire to keep them from slipping, however, they are not tight enough and all they are doing is sliding over the wire itself. It needs to be fixed!

As if this wasn't enough, my powerchain is not bringing my spaces together, but pulling them apart. They are getting bigger instead of smaller! Which totally sucks! I hate these gaps on the bottom and was thrilled to get the powerchain on in hopes it would close the gaps quickly and efficiently. Instead the powerchain appears to be powerless and is working in reverse, creating bigger gaps instead of making them smaller. I will post a pic of this later tomorrow.

Now here is my question. Do you suppose that treatment for some people goes on for so long because (unlike me) they are not obsessed with their teeth and do not notice what is taking place in their mouth. So if the ortho messes things up, he just does what needs to be done next time to try and fix it? However since they aren't really paying all that much attention they really don't notice? I feel like I"m like the nag of the century to my ortho. Mind you he is always polite and goes out of his way to take care of me, but I just wonder if maybe some of this under correction/over correction is going on in my sons mouth. Personally I think his whole orthodontics should have been done way before now. His teeth were practically straight when we began this journey, he only had canines that hadn't descended all the way. Just wondering....And being the super impatient person that I am I don't think it is right to wear a powerchain for 8 weeks that is clearly not achieving the purpose it is supposed to, but doing the opposite. In my mind that is just more work to fix, and more time I have to wait til he gets it right.


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