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Friday, October 06, 2006

Overjet views

Graham asked for a few pics of my overjet. Here is what it looks like from the front, and the underneath view. You can see from the pictures that it really is not that huge anymore. I'm guessing that my surgical movement forward (BSSO) will only be about 4mm.

This is my natural (overjet) smile

This is where my teeth are now wanting to rest since becoming aligned. It is aesthetically more in line with what they will look like after surgery

Here is what my overjet looks like from below

Here is the view from below resting in their new position


  • At 4:45 AM, Blogger Graham said…

    Nicely done! One thing though, you have an overjet, not an underbite. The link below explains.

    That's cool how you can fake it like that. My underbite is big enough now that I can't fake it anymore.

  • At 11:13 AM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said…

    Hey Graham,
    You are correct, I have an overjet (5mm to be exact)or rather that is what it was when we started all of this.

    I posted this pretty late last night and was very tired, I think I had underbite stuck in my head after reading what you wrote about yours. Anyway....I changed it.

    As for "fake fitting" my new bite, it is really not something I'm doing intentionally now, that is just the comfortable spot that my teeth want to rest now. I have noticed that my jaw joints are very achey lately though, and it is because I'm holding it in that position. I honestly can't stop doing it though, as it seems that is where my teeth just want to be right now.


  • At 9:03 PM, Blogger Kelsie said…


    Are you having your lower jaw advanced as well? Sorry I can't seem to remember. Your overjet looks much like mine did and I don't know how far my upper jaw was advanced, but I'm guessing it was pretty far if my lower jaw was moved 18mm forward.

    Great photos by the way - looking more and more surgery ready!


  • At 1:26 PM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said…

    Hey Kelsie,
    Yes I will be having a BSSO (bilateral saggital split osteotomy) or Lower jaw advancement for short in May.

    My overjet pre braces was only about 5mm, sortof borderline for correction, but due to my sleep apnea it is medically necessary now to eliminate it. I will know more on November 1 when I go in for impressions and see how close to ready I am. I can't wait to just get it all over with, although just this week I finally got all the feeling back in my uppers from the SARPE, so I'm rather enjoying having my mouth feel back to normal again. Not looking forward to another 7-12 months of numbness and teeth that feel like wood! :(

    But at least then it will almost be over and I will hopefully be able to sleep more soundly.

    How are things going for you? I'm sure not fast enough but other than that?


  • At 9:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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