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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Why must things always be complicated???, I went to my bracket appt the other day. I had this tooth that has been mildy bothering me for about 3 weeks now before I went. I have been cleaning it like some kind of psycho, and for whatever reason it didn't seem to be improving. I meant to say something about it to the ortho when I was there, as he has the bracket right on top of my gums, but just forgot. After the new wire tie, and powerchain was put on things were really moving. The tooth was getting really sore, I couldn't even bite down on it, and I was getting a bad taste in my mouth in that area. So, I decided it was time to schedule an appointment with the dentist. I called an made an appointment for 4:30 this afternoon.

Look at my ouchey tooth!
Being the self sufficient (albeit ever impatient) women that I am my husband had some amoxicillian on hand, and I decided to self medicate and see if anything happened. I figured if it was an infection then I would know soon as the drugs would help, and if it was not then it wouldn't do much of anything. I flossed, waterpiked, then cleaned my whole tooth with a proxy brush dipped in peroxide, followed by a peroxide rinse, then took 1000mg of amoxicillian. Woke up this morning and things were feeling much much better. I did the whole round again, and took 1000mg again. By the time I was going to the dentist things were starting to feel very much back to normal. No more pain, no yucky taste, and I could bite down on my tooth.

I get to the dentist and he can't figure out what is wrong. He pokes around, does a cold test (which my tooth supposedly failed miserably on) and gives me a lecture about how antibiotics mask the symptoms. Blah blah blah. I'm like "dude, I used to work as a pharmacy assistant, I know exactly what they do, and they do not mask the symptoms" They tell you basically if you have an infection or not, and I come to you to figure out what the infection is caused by" Ok...I didn't really say that, but I was thinking it as he was berating me. He asked me if I had enough meds for at least 7 days and when I said "no" he said, well you shouldn't take them if you don't have enough for a full round. I then said "yes I know that, but since I knew I was coming to see you today, I figured that I would try them as I knew you could just write me a perscription for the rest of the round" He gave me a perscription for 40 more pills and said that he doesn't know what's wrong. He couldn't find anything on the x-rays, no absesses, no pockets, no cavity, but my gums are inflammed and tender, and he doesn't like that I was getting a bad taste in my mouth before I started doctoring myself up. So....he gave me the x-ray and a referral to a really good endo (root canal) doctor and said I need to go have a consult done because my tooth might be dying and I might need a root canal. It might not be, but better safe than sorry he said. He also told me that my crown will need to be redone once I get done with my ortho treatment. He says that it was designed to fit my pre-braces/SARPE mouth and that it is a weird shape and doesn't fit right when I close now. Yeah....more money I have to spend!

I have also noticed that when I like sorta suck on my front teeth that I can feel it in my sinuses. He said that if my tooth has an infection in it, it could be slowing down the healing in my palate and that may be why this particular area seems to be taking so long to return to normal. All NOT GREAT NEWS!

Anyway....I will be making an appointment tomorrow for that.

When I went to the ortho the other day he was commenting on how well my teeth are fitting together, and he said that I do a great job of "fake fitting" my new bite. I hadn't really looked at my palate lately but had noticed that my teeth seem to feel like my bite is not so "off" anymore. I took a pic today and it would appear that my SARPE has officially relapsed a bit (as my ortho had wanted.) Apparently I was a bit overcorrected so he wanted it to collapse a bit. See for yourself....

Aug 11th

Aug 31st


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