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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July and 4 Month Post Op SARPE Update!

Today is the 4th of July, and also my dh and I's anniversary. I haven't had much time to write lately as we closed on our new house and have been finishing the garage and repainting a few rooms there. We finally sold our house.....or we think we have. We got a bid that we accepted. Now its just a matter of getting through the home inspection on Thursday, and negotiating the repairs. The goal is to close on the 30th of July. Hopefully everthing will proceed as planned and we can finally start to destress a little bit.

Movers come this Friday so we will officially be in the new house then. I can't wait...I LOVE OUR NEW HOUSE! It is so pretty! and New! My mom is moving in with us so that could prove to be a bit challenging but we shall see I guess. It's so funny what you notice after you get into your new place. Like how you don't have any towel racks in the master bedroom, and really no place to put up any! and just how much crap you accumlate over the years! How small they make closets these days compared to older home like our current one, and how we have no bathroom storage of any kind for like make up, deodorant, etc, unless we put it under the sink. It seems that medicine cabinets are no longer considered fashionable so even though they provide more space they are being phased out in most new homes and replaced with large flat mirrors with wood trim. I would imagine these are much cheaper also! Lets see....our current home has all modern click switches, and ones with fan timers in the bathroom. our new house just has switches :( All things we never noticed prior to purchase. oH...well, they are things that can be fixed, however, moving cost a lot more than you would think. There are window treatments to purchase, trash cans for each bathroom, as well as decor rugs for the rest of the house and bathrooms, and the list just goes on! I guess that is supposed to be part of the joy of buying a new house....all the money you get to spend decorating right? LOL! about me teeth. Yesterday was exactly 4 months since I had the SARPE. Feeling has slowly been returning and getting better since my last post. I would say now that I'm about 99.8% back to normal. Still have a little bit of healing to go, but getting very close. I can stil feel that my front teeth are not 100% but I truly can feel a difference daily now and I'm confident that by the 20th when I go in for my next ortho appt things will be where they are supposed to be. I will keep you posted as I want to post the exact day that things are truly back to 100% status!


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