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This is my daily journal to my eventual perfect smile and Apnea free life. It logs my surgeries, and daily progress.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Day 92/ Continued Burning

My front incisors continued to be burny today. I can still feel numbness underneath them, and when I apply sucking pressure on them, I still feel it in the left side of my sinuses. It is pretty weird.

My DS had an ortho appointment this morning and they took out his Nance appliance (a Nance is basically a reverse TPA.) I had told him they might do that as we were driving over there and sure enough they did. They kept his top archwire the same, and gave him a gold power chain on a couple of his lower teeth. He called me this afternoon to say it was really hurting, and that now he understands why I call powerchains "the devil" LOL... FINALLY SOME SYMPATHY! Our ortho said as he was taking out his appliance that "Now your mom can be jealous all over again" My son had the Nance when I had the RPE, then I get the TPA, and he gets his Nance out. Seems he is always one step ahead of me on the "less torture scale" and from the look of things he will be out of braces way sooner than I! Its so unfair! LOL....


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