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Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Really Thought I was All Healed up! Guess Not!

WEll I thought I would post today as I had previously posted at 3 months that I was fully healed. It appears that I was wrong and that I'm still healing. I still do not have all the feeling back in my upper teeth yet, especially in the front incisors and canines on the left. The tingly feeling behind them has almost disappeared and does seem to get better day by day, but it is still not 100%. I still have some burny sortof aching in that area most of the day, and it has been quite pronounced the last few days for whatever reason.

I'm thinking that by the time I go see my ortho again in July that things will be fully healed, but for now, I have to honestly say that I still do not feel like things are back to normal. Are they getting better...yes, without a doubt, are they completely back to the way they were before, nope, no way! Now this has me a little unnerved as I have felt like this almost 4 months has been a long time! If it has taken me 4 months and I'm still not completely back to normal, what is the healing time going to be like for my lower jaw, when they do twice as much damage to it as the SARPE? Will I be completely numb for 4 months or longer? That would totally suck! Really I'm trying not to think about this too hard, but it does have me a little more on edge about it all then I normally am. I was figuring that by 4 months things would be considerably improved, now.....I'm not so sure.

my lowers are doing nothing so that is really aggravating me. I have this stupid worthless powerchain on them for basically no reason, as it is certainly not moving them or closing these giant gaps between my incisors. I read from one of the doctor posts on the Metal Mouth forum that powerchains basically lose their effectiveness after about 2 weeks, so pretty much I'm wearing this one for 8 weeks for nothing as I have been taking lots of pics and they are just not moving. I think I'm going to talk with my ortho about it next time I go, see if I can come in more often than 8 weeks to get them changed out. I know his thinking, he figures that we have another year til surgery so he can take his time and that it is all good. However, that is not my thoughts. I want it fixed, as quickly and efficiently as possible, even if surgery is looming in the distant future. I don't want to rush things, but certainly it is not necessary to wait 8 weeks between adjustments or replacements just because he thinks we have the time and it is no big deal. It may not be a big deal to him, but it sure is heck is to me, so I plan to discuss it with him. Anyway...that is my rant for the day. I will keep you posted on what becomes of it once I have a chat with my ortho.

I will continue to post on my healing progress over the next few days.


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