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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Three Months Post SARPE! I"M HEALED!

Today is officially three months since I had my SARPE done. While I know I was a survivor just getting through the whole SARPE surgery, I didn't really feel like one as things were not back to normal yet. It's sorta weird with it being exactly 3 months to the date, but I now have full feeling back in my palate and upper teeth! It has been coming back all week but it just wasn't quite back all the way until today.

I still have one very small area behind my second incisor that is pulsing/throbbing/healing still. It is very small though, and I know it will be completely gone in the next day or two. My ortho, and OS both said that healing would take about 3 months. Guess they weren't kidding huh? Also, I have noticed that since getting my TPA in I have not had any new movement. Previously I had posted that I was seeing changes in my mouth everday. Since getting the TPA in, I have taken many pictures and compared them lately. I cannot see any new changes in my palate at all. If there have been any they are pretty much imperceptible. This is another indicator that my palate has stablilized and the new bone growth has filled in as predicted. I was a bit worried that I might experience some shifting of my teeth once the RPE was gone, however, so far that hasn't happened, and it appears that the info regarding SARPE being more stable is really true. At any rate, I'm glad that this part of my dental journey appears to be over! Wooo Hooo! I NOW FEEL like a SARPE SURVIVOR!

The no movement thing is also true for my lower teeth as well. There has been no movement at all. The powerchain has done nothing thus far, which in and of itself is rather depressing, as I can't help but feel like we are just wasting time. I knew as soon as I left the ortho's office that day that it wasn't going to do anything because I felt nothing. My teeth are very sensitive, I feel everything, especially after an adjustment. For me the "no pain, no gain" thing is true. It only usually lasts for a couple of days, but I always feel it.

I'm going to start posting every few days instead of daily now. Since there is really nothing to report now that my palate appears to be back to normal, I don't want to waste space, or bore you all to tears with uneventful daily updates. I will continue to follow my braces journey, as it is my wish to document the entire process for those that must go through these same procedures. If anything new or exciting happens, my powerchain decides to work, or I notice new changes I will for sure post. I have my next adjustment on July 22nd, and I think my TPA might be taken out then, but I'm not completely sure. I plan to ask my ortho next time, what exactly we have to have in place before the surgery. I mean how will they know when I'm ready for surgery? What constitutes my readiness? These are questions I really want to know. With my appts only every 8 weeks that means he will only see me 3 maybe 4 times before I'm to be ready for my lower jaw advancement. That is not much time in my opinion, especially if we waste 8 weeks with powerchains that aren't doing the trick! Anyway....I shall keep you all posted!

Thanks for following this part of my journey, and I hope this portion has been helpful to those of you getting this procedure done. Having made it to the other side, I highly recommend it. It was not near as bad as I had thought it would be, and already I'm totally loving the results! I know it will just continue to get better from here, as the worst part of the SARPE is now in the past. Whats that Nike commercial "JUST DO IT" That's my advice to those of you who need it! You won't regret it!


  • At 7:02 AM, Blogger Graham said…

    Congrats on being a SARPE survivor! Funny to compare how we are now with how many questions we had swirling in our heads in the beginning isn't it. We've finally reached the peak of the mountain! (Ok, well I'm trudging in close behind you!) Thanks for documenting your experience. It has definitely helped me and I'm sure will continue to be one of the top resources on the web for SARPE. Onwards to the next phase!

  • At 11:02 PM, Blogger Mrs. Shanton said…

    Belated congrats on your TPA vs. that horrible RPE!
    Just for fun I went into your archives and found one of your old pics of your upper arch and WOW! What a difference! You should post a side-by-side of RPE vs. TPA, and old arch vs. new arch. That'd be cool!

  • At 10:21 PM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said…

    Ask and you shall receive! LOL...
    Thanks for the congrats, OMG I'm so glad that thing is out! What a relief that is!



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