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Saturday, July 15, 2006

100% Still Aluding Me!

Haven't posted in about 2 weeks. We have been moving, cleaning, packing, moving, loading, cleaning, unpacking, going to the dump, getting ready for a garage sale, unpacking some more etc. Suffice it to say it has been very busy and extremely exhausting. Pretty much have been going non stop from dawn til dusk for the past 3 weeks. The good news is that we are officially in our new house now though! It is nice, but so hard to not want to have everything unpacked immediately. Of course when you move you want all new stuff, like blinds, and garage door openers, and gutters, and art, and furniture, and a bazillion other things! LOL... I of course not being a very patient person want it all now which is really not good, but truthfully things are coming along quite well and it is really starting to look like home here. I love our new house and although I wish it had a bit more storage space that is about it.

My teeth are doing much better, BUT! they are still not 100% yet. Just about, but just a hair not, if that makes any sense. I'm no longer having burning in the front teeth and I can feel them much better now, however, they are still just the tiny tiniest bit numb. I have an ortho appt this next Thursday and I think the TPA may be coming out. I also think they are going to finally start moving my upper teeth into alignment. My lower power chain has not done anything. Pics from day one and now look exactly the same, so hopefully they will try something new to close this gap on the bottom and straighten them out more. I will post after my adjustment and let you know what he says/does to my teeth this time.


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