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Friday, August 11, 2006

Caution - I Think Orthodontic Treatment Can Cause Serious Mental Unraveling!

Been awhile since I posted so I thought I would do a quick update. Well lets see...My teeth are almost, almost back to normal, but still just a hair away from pre-surgery. My front left incisor is no longer very sensitive behind it and it has definite feeling now. It is still ever so slightly numb but not like before. It is sorta like it is numb very deep inside but the tip is sensitive to touch and I can definitely feel it if I bite into something.

My smile continues to expand as my canines take a more prominent position, however, I'm now getting spaces in my upper right quadrant that I didn't have before. A friend of mine has said that space is my friend when it comes to orthodontics and that I need to just relax and let my ortho work his magic. I know he is right as the real problem is when they can't create space. Getting rid of it is easy. :)

Other than this not much else seems to be going on in my mouth. On my last visit the ortho took out my TPA in hopes of relapsing me a bit (seems I'm a bit over corrected.) Anyway, from what I can tell nothing has changed. My width appears to be the same, it has not relapsed/collapsed at all! Must be all that yogurt I eat and those vitamins I take! I've got some good strong bones I tell you! LOL...Hopefully he will be able to fix it with the wires and make it all perfect and such.

I was reading Steph's blog the other day and she was saying how she is just about sick of all this braces stuff! Can I say...AMEN SISTER! And I've only had mine on for 6 months! I'm so not looking forward to another year and half in these suckers, or the recovery of my surgery next year. I'm anticipating it will take at least 1 year to return to normal as that surgery is a bit more involved! I read all these other peoples blogs and look at pictures of people getting surgery and it just makes me more confused I SWEAR!
I'm like, well, maybe I need genio now....nah, OS says he thinks my chin will be fine after the surgery. What if he is wrong though? And it really needed to be done???? I'm not going to have another surgery to fix my chin? I mean really how small is too small? Or how big is big enough? This is the kind of stuff that reels through my brain constantly! (Glad you aren't me huh???) But I do wonder. It's like I can never just trust that he might (after 29 years of orthonathic surgery) have the slightest clue about this sort of thing. Like I have to research it to death and then second guess everything. Why must I do that? It really is making me sorta crazy! LOL...

As if all of this wasn't enough I have my father in law and his wife coming up the beginning of June (3 weeks post op for me) to hang out at my house for 3 full weeks! Man...Its a long ways away and I'm already dreading it! Three weeks is a long long time to be entertaining and have visitors in your house! Especially when I will be looking like a chipmunk on steroids! :( I think I have become anti social in my old age! WE just moved into a very nice house, and I'm like anal about people messing it up, or wrinkling the furniture, or or or......I mean I know its a house, and its just furniture, but it is Our stuff, and I don't want it messed up? Know what I mean?

On a happy note we are planning a trip to Kihei Hawaii in the next few months. We will go for 2 full weeks this time, and all I can say is it had better be sunny as the weather here this summer has been absolutely terrible!

Well I have totally digressed from the topic at hand (which by the way was my teeth) LOL... So I will sign off for now. Hopefully I will be reporting back soon that I have full feeling back in my incisor! That will be a joyous day!


  • At 10:49 PM, Blogger Mrs. Shanton said…

    Girl. Friend.
    I'm all about the chin dilemma too, but being the science-type, I'm putting my faith in the pre-surgical measurements. I figure they're going to be pretty accurate. I do keep looking at all the famous people and not-so-famous people's faces, upper lips, noses, chins, etc., and I'm realizing there are SO many types of beautiful out there. It's a bit overwhelming. Thank goodness I'm not a surgeon. I'm just going to put my faith in her. I will say, however, that if she offers a genio as an option, I'm going for it for sure.

  • At 6:59 PM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said…

    I know you are right Steph, I'm trying to do the same and just let my doctors do their job, without my added 2 cents! LOL... I think I will feel better once I see my friend who had surgery with my OS this summer. She was really nervous and has said it wasn't that bad so that is a relief. I think my chin is fine, but if they suggest it then I will probably go with it.



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