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Friday, June 15, 2007

Day 22 Post Op

Today has been kindof rough. I feel like I'm very puffy today, especially around my lower lip, and things have just been sorta burny and aggravating all day. I know this is a good sign, but it is just hard to live with sometimes. I'm not sure if I'm unique here, but short of like knocking yourself out with morphine. there are really no over the counter pain relievers that really even touch nerve pain. I mean you just have to live with it. Lately (as in the last day or two) I keep getting these little pain spasms that sorta shoot through my lower jaw muscles real quick like. It is not super painful, just more startling then anything else. I mean they just come out of nowhere! I look really pale today also. I'm pretty sure this has little to do with my healing and a lot to do with the monthly calendar, but either way I'm looking a little bit scary today! LOL...

I had to post this pic of my teeth! Things have really been moving with the nightly rubberband torture, and I think my teeth have finally adjusted to lockdown status during the sleeping hours. My midlines are almost perfectly aligned now, and last night I slept really well. On my side even like I used to do pre surgery. It was such a relief to get some good sleep and not be relegated to sleeping on my back!
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