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Saturday, October 20, 2007

First Post Surgery Cold and Sore Throat

So I haven't been sick with a real cold in over a year and a half so, I suppose I really can't complain. Things have not been near as bad as they could've been. I woke up Thursday morning with a wicked sore throat, which proceeded to get worse as the day went on. I began sucking on the "Cold Eze" lozenges that morning and sucking down the "Emergen C" as well. I woke up at about 3;30 in the morning with serious pain in my face! I have never really had sinus pain before (even when I get sinus infections.) I just never got it. It was bad enough that I had to get up and take a couple of Advil though. I went back to bed and after about 20 minutes the pain subsided so I fell asleep. Friday morning my throat was beginning to feel a bit better, but I was sneezing and really stuffed up. I had my adjustment done Thursday morning and my teeth were really sore. I thought it was from my new powerchain, but realized, as the day progressed that it was from sinus pressure right above my teeth. It was really uncomfortable and I had to take some advil again to make it stop hurting. I started taking some Mucinex yesterday so that things will stay thin, and I have been doing my nasal irrigation 2 times a day as the last thing I want is for this to turn into a sinus infection.

I avoided sleeping on my right side last night so that my teeth and sinus area would not hurt anymore. I woke up today and while I definitely don't feel 100% I feel like things are on their way out now. My sinuses are not as plugged up and my sore throat is gone. I still feel some congestion in my sinuses but not like yesterday. I'm going to pump myself full of fluids, Vitamin C, and Zinc lozenges, today and see if I can't kick this before the weekend is out.

Considering that I'm working off a whole new sinus configuration though, this cold has been relatively easy compared to the ones I used to have. If I can get over it with no sinus infection developing then this truly will have been a miracle surgery!


  • At 6:43 AM, Blogger Tara said…

    Good luck with that cold. I hope that you don't get a sinus infection. They are the worst. I already have to say that this surgery is a miracle surgery. As long as things keep up the way they are, it was the best thing I have EVER done. I should have done it years ago. The main reason why I had it was to get rid of headache/dizzy/migraines. I use to have to take a daily drug to stop from getting sick almost every day. If I missed just one day, I was going to pay for it. Well, I have to go off this drug before I can try to get pregnant. So I started to go off of it while am home from work recovering. I haven't taken it in 3 days and NO headache/dizzy/migraines! It truly is amazing already! Hopefully I will be able to stay off of it!

  • At 5:31 AM, Blogger apnea mom said…

    Sorry to hear about the sinus problems. I hope this is just a transient thing and not a recurring problem now that you have had your MMA. I seem to remember someone on the forum that had to have some sinus adjustments made because the sinus openings had been disturbed with the MMA. Not the norm so let's hope that this is the case with you also.

    I am two days out from my big day! Suprisingly calm though. Your posting on my blog last week was just what I needed to hear and the right time. Thank you for blessing me with your encouragement and advice.


  • At 9:42 AM, Blogger Michelle said…

    I hope you are feeling better today. Prior to my SARPE, I had sinus infections regularly. I'm hoping my second surgery will help with the breathing even more.
    So, I know what you're going through!
    Take care!!


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