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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Why Must Vacations Come to an End??? this was me/us last week. Beautiful sun, gorgeous surf, tan, gloriously happy, living it up in Maui. You know it is a bad sign when no matter where you go on vacation you never want to come back home. That is how I feel everytime I leave Alaska. Probably time to get the heck out of here eh?

This is me now....depressed! and here is what I get to look at every day for the next 4 more months UGHHH! and it just won't stop I tell you! Do you feel my pain? I ask myself every year, why I stay in this god forsaken place. Still have not come up with an answer! I do know that I'm really, really, really starting to dislike the winters here though. I hate snow, hate the cold, and I'm not a winter sports person at all. Yet I spend 9.5 months of every year pretty much emersed in winter. I must be out of my mind!

As for my teeth all is doing well at the moment. I still have the space on the bottom that I'm so waiting to get closed. The powerchain doesn't appear to be doing anything!

I'm going in to see the ortho Thursday morning as I need a pokey archwire trimmed down. I'm hoping the assistant will have time and just change my powerchains while I'm there. That is what she did last time. The top teeth are doing ok. The last couple of days my front teeth have been a bit irritable though. They are tingly, like the nerves are regenerating some more in that area. That is the area that is still a tiny bit numb in spots so I'm assuming that is what is happening. My sinuses are all stuffed up again. I have been doing nasal irrigation at my ENT's request to try and ward off anymore sinus infections and help clear things up, but I don't think it is working. He is not sure what is wrong with me. Says my sinuses look fine, but based on my symptoms etc, something is obviously wrong. I think I'm a conundrum to them. Hopefully we will eventually get it all figured out.


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