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Saturday, June 30, 2007

5 weeks Post Op - Leaving Las Vegas

So today is officially 5 weeks post op. Things have been going mostly well, however, I can officially say that I'm getting really frustrated with the whole eating thing. Now mind you I have been in Vegas for the past week. There are restaurants everywhere, and finding food I can eat has not been as hard as I thought it would be. With that being said, I think I have eaten pasta like everyday for what feels like a month now! I'm so sick of the stuff I could just hurl. This week alone I've had lobster ravioli, fetticini alfredo, spaghetti and meatballs, low mein noodles, and two noodle soup bowls. Noodles are seriously on my gross out list as of today. I'm feeling sorta frustrated with the lack of being able to eat freely. I didn't have time for breakfast this morning and figured I would just grab a bite to eat at the airport. There are a ton of restaurants here...unfortunately what they carry, that I can eat is pretty limited. Soup, chili, and that is about it. I was so hungry I managed to get down a pretzel dog from Aunt Annie's pretzels. Not the most healthy, nor very easy to eat, but it was protein and sorta filled me up. I can't wait to get home to be able to have a little more control over my food options. This diet is about killing me!

I must admit that I have been being a little bad. My doctor said no chew for 6 weeks, which will be next Friday. I have been testing out my new bite just a bit though to see how it will do. Now mind you everything I have tried to chew has been super soft, like a small piece of pasta, or the center of a piece of french bread. What I have found is that it is not pleasant nor enjoyable (as I was so hoping it was going to be.) in fact it is rather uncomfortable. Also since I'm missing the molar on my left side I can only chew on my right which is where my bridge is. Things are pretty sensitive in that area as my rubberbands sorta yank on the two teeth that secure it and it feels tender. So, I guess what I'm saying is that next week is probably going to be pretty anti-climatic when it comes to testing out the new choppers!

I'm typing this in the airport while I wait for my departure flight, and must say that I'm ready to get home. The allergy report around here says that ragweed and sage are very high. I had not known I was allergic to these two offenders but apparently I am as I have been having issues with my sinuses the whole time I have been here. When I haven't been all stuffed up and feeling puffy, my nose has been bleeding from the dryness. Also, it sucks to not be able to blow your nose when it feels congested. I have gently done a little bit of blowing, even though my doctor told me not to. I was so plugged up and a q tip was just not doing it. will be nice to get home to the familiar, dry, summer air of Alaska, and out of this desert!

As for how things are going with the healing. Not too much has changed in the last week. I have days where things seem like they are really improving and then others where I"m all puffed up again. My lower lip still feels very thick and numb, especially in the center. I have some sensation in it, and like I can put on lip stick, and rub my lips together and feel it, but my bottom lip just feels like it is 3 times the size of my upper lip. I still have a lot of swelling in my cheeks and closing my mouth at times is not something I can do without thought. Unless I want to bite off my cheeks, or lower lip that is. Most of my swelling continues to persist on the left hand side. My tongue continues to remain numb also. I'm really trying not to freak out about this part, but it is really starting to bother me. Sleeping has been improving, I just haven't been getting enough of it lately. I'm still trying to keep my head elevated so that I'm not as puffy through my sinuses during the day. I have been staying on my vitamins etc though, and have not used any pain medicine since I left Anchorage. I will post a 5 week pic that I took today at the hotel pool when I get back home. I feel very puffy today so change in appearance will probably be minimal. I'm hoping that once I'm back in my own environment I will be able to see greater improvements in the next week with a more adequate fluid intake, and varied diet.


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