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Friday, June 22, 2007

Wafting Food Scents.....Subtle Torture!

Ok..still in the Airport here, but my gate is right across from Burger King and Cinnabon! All I can smell is onion rings! I know Burger King food is so gross, but at this moment! OMG does it smell good! I think I would give my eye teeth for something with some texture right now, might even kill for an onion ring! Ok, probably not, but man, the liquid, soft food stuff is starting to wear on me for sure.

I'm starving! I have baby food in my bag, but I'm too embarrased to take it out and eat it! LOL.. Maybe I will try and fork smash a Cinnabon....that sounds soo good! Dare I risk the public humiliation though, I tell you eating in public with a partially numb lower lip, is a special skill set all in itself.


  • At 1:31 PM, Blogger learian said…

    I am more than a Cinnabon affecionado and will travel great distances for a quality--gooey, sugary, wet, big--cinnamon roll. One outlet used to be SFO at the United terminal, but they've left the us completely. I'm Day 11, post MMA. the only thing I've fantasized about so far was wanting homemade peanut butter cookies which I hardly bake anyway. It is not replaced with the thought of a Cinnabon taken for a ride through my new Vita-Mix which supposedly can get liquid out of two by four. Have a wonderful time in Vegas. Your blog continues to inspire me,and I look forward to it daily. Best, Learian


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