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Friday, June 22, 2007

1 Month Post Op

So today I'm officially 1 month post op. I can't believe I have lived through a whole month already. Thank goodness time flies when it comes to surgery LOL!

Had my post op visit with the OS today. He said that everything is looking great and that my bite could not look better. I would have to agree. Short of a little rotation on my left canine that needs to be taken care of, everything is fitting together wonderfully. I mean my midlines are even perfectly lined up, which is something I never thought would happen.
I can open my jaw to 25mm now, and the doctor removed the rest of my stitches that were hanging on and didn't want to dissolve. I was feeling pretty puffy yesterday, and even moreso today. We talked about how long it takes for the lymphatic drainage to sorta get back on board, and decided that with all the sneezing I have been doing lately, my increased fatigue, my stuffy nose, and the return of the puffiness in my sinus area that I most likely have a sinus infection. He had already given me a perscription so I started taking them today and already this evening I'm feeling a bit better. Not so much pressure in my head. I'm typing this as I wait for my flight to Vegas, so it is important that I start feeing better fast as I want to have a good time on my trip and not be all wiped out.

Lets see....the doctor asked me about my tongue, and the numbness in my lip. I explained to him that there are days when things actually feel almost close to normal, and then out of the blue I will get all numb, and tingly again. He said that was pretty normal and that most likely it is from overuse. That when the muscles get tired of competing with the scar tissue, fluids, and just working too hard etc that they just shut down, and that is when I will feel the most numbness.

He told me I was almost there and that in 2 more weeks I can start to begin trying out my new bite. He told me to go easy, to not try and bite into a bagel or anything, but that I could start chewing soft foods gently. He said that my upper teeth were going to feel pretty weird for quite awhile, but that I will get all the feeling back eventually (I know this from going through my SARPE before) He also said that he will be really surprised if the other numbness I have doesn't go away. He said he expects me to get full feeling back everywhere.
He asked if I was still sleeping with the rubberbands and I told him that the ortho has me in this HORRIBLE rubberband configuration where I'm basically banded shut at night. He said "Only at night?" I told him that I'm supposed to wear them as much as I can stand them but that wearing them to bed is as much as I can stand. That I'm averaging about 10-11 hours a night so I think that is pretty good. I also asked him about why, when I take off my rubberbands in the morning I can really feel it in my maxilla. Particularly in the area where the plates and screws are. He said that during the night unbeknownst to me that I'm sorta moving my jaw around and fighting against the rubberbands. He said even your facial muscles are working while I'm asleep and that when I awake and take the bands off, it is the face relaxing from the strain and fatigue. I told him that when I put the rubberbands on at night that my jaw has like these involuntary spasms a few times before it settles down. He also said that was very normal and not to worry about it. I only have to wear them for 1.5 more weeks so I guess everything is a sfine as it can be.

I will post a new pic tomorrow sometime, my face looks puffy today and not like it normally does. Besides, I'm too tired tonight and don't feel like messing with it at the airport!
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