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Friday, June 22, 2007

Day 27- MLD Massage

Today I started my day with an MLD massage. I will have to say that the jury is still out on this one. MLD is a very very light massage that is designed to help in the reduction of fluid through the lymph nodes. The massage therapist I saw has been trained at the Vodder clinic, which is the leader in MLD massage. It almost seems like it would do nothing because it is so gentle, but she explained to me that the fluid is right below the skin and it does not take much pressure to move it around. She explained a bunch of other stuff to me, but I was tired and not really paying attention. It did feel very relaxing though, however, I cannot see a difference yet. I felt very puffy all day today though and according to the massage therapist it can take a day or two to really release the fluids. She said each person is different and sometimes it can take a couple treatments so if things have not changed or improved by next week, I will go for another appointment after my Vegas trip.

Tomorrow is 4 weeks post surgery and I will be seeing my OS in the morning for my 1 month follow up. I'm going to ask him if I can use my sonic care, and will be interested to see what my range of motion is....if it has increased any. I was at 24mm two weeks ago. Hopefully these blasted rubberband have not made it worse.

The swelling and numbness seems to come and go. One day it will be really good and go down, the next it will be puffy and numb again! It's weird I can't seem to find any rhyme or reason to it.

I will post a 4 week pic tomorrow, I personally don't think much has changed but I will leave that up to you folks. I'm going to bed!


  • At 2:30 PM, Blogger mehitzel said…

    Hey, Brandy! Every time I read your posts, I'm like, "Wow! Me, too!" I so had the chewing dream! I'm not sure what it was I was chewing, but I remember waking up nervous to because it felt like I'd been chewing in my sleep all night. Wasn't that a weird feeling! I think the liquid thing is harder now because I'm getting so close. Monday will be five weeks. I called and made an appt. with a massage therapist, too. I don't go until Monday. Did yours massage your whole body? Mine said she does the whole body because your lymph system runs throughout your whole body. It is $90 for a 90 minute massage. Pricey, but my swelling is going nowhere. She also said I might need to come two or three weeks in a row. I'll have to see how the first one goes, that's a lot of money. Sometimes I think my numbness is getting better, but today I got a double chocolate chip something or other from Starbucks and was eating it with a spoon while I checked email. Then, I went out into the living room and my 19 year old daughter just cracked up. I had chocolate running down my chin and didn't even know it. She thought I looked like a vampire! I was a little annoyed at her laughing at me, but then when I looked in the mirror, I saw she had a point and couldn't help laughing, too. I guess it's not improving as much as I thought! Oh, well. At this point there's nothing to do but try and keep a sense of humor! Have a great time in Las Vegas!



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