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Monday, June 25, 2007

Day 4 in Vegas.....This is so not me!

So today we went down to the strip to check out the rely Vegas. I can sum it all up on one word..YUCK! I have come to the conclusion after seeing The Mirage, The Wynn, The Bellagio, The Venetian, Cesaear's Palace, Treasure Island, The Monte Carlo, New York, New York, and a few others I can't even remember right now, that they are all the same. Short of a bit different architecture they are all just smoked filled death traps. I hate that they build them all so that you must walk through the casio's to get to anything else. Everyone one we entered smelled like smoke covered with perfume, or air freshner spray. Just horrible.

We have not eaten in one restaurant inside a casino yet, as we can't stand the smoke long enough to want to stay in any of them. Every time we enter the smoke filled casio's my sinus burn so badly I can hardly stand it. It is so dry here that my nose has been bleeding, and the dust in the hotel rooms are making me sneeze like crazy. I'm pretty ok once I get outside but inside is really unpleasant on my sensitive post surgery nasal tissue.

Eating has been a bit difficult but not horrible. I bought a few things at the grocery store and put them in our hotel room refrigerator so I would have some staples to hold me over. As long as I stay hydrated my swelling is doing pretty ok. My lower lip is still a bit puffy but gets better each day which is good. At least sleeping has improved, and I have to say....we have the most glorious beds at this hotel. They are so wonderful! High quality linens, huge fluffy down pillows, and super soft pillow top beds. It is truly the most comfortable hotel bed I have ever slept in.

After today's adventure we have decided that our fun meter has been pegged. We are staying at our hotel and lounging by the pool tomorrow. Thats it and thats all I want to do.

We are going to see the Cirque du Soleil O on Friday, and perhap La Reve tomorrow night! Just depends on what we can work out.

Ok...I'm tired need to get some rest. I will post more tomorrow.


  • At 7:53 AM, Blogger mehitzel said…

    Hey, Brandy! Sorry your Vegas trip isn't all you expected it to be. You know I live within driving distance (I think about six hours), but have never gone. Even though people have told me it's fun, it just didn't seem to be my cup of tea. I grew up in NJ before Atlantic City turned to gambling and I loved walking the boardwalk there, or riding bikes down the boardwalk. I've never been back there either since they brought in gambling. I'd much rather be out in the woods hiking. I'm glad you're feeling well, though. I got my splint out yesterday and permission to eat a soft diet. I started with macaroni and cheese and was only able to get a little down. It tasted kind of rubbery and my teeth were really sensitive to any pressure so I wasn't really chewing very well and ended up swallowing pretty big pieces. And, my jaw got really tired quickly. I'm going to try grilled cheese today. Hope your day by the poolside is fun!


  • At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Brandy: So now you know what Las Vegas is. You get the smoke because they want you to have to walk through the casinos; you may be tempted to gamble. And why no windows in there? So you will forget the rest of the world. You will forget what day it is or if it's night or day.
    I hope lounging by the pool doesn't fill you with smoke. I'm the type who breathes in the smoke outdoors if somebody is smoking 100 feet away.
    My last trip there, about 10 years ago I told myself I could see Lake Mead which is nearby, also Hoover Dam, so at least you get to see something worthwhile.
    It is amazing that the crowds keep coming from all over the world to see Vegas.


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