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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Day Two in Vegas

Well, being that this is my first time in Vegas I have to say it is interesting. Now coming from Alaska perhaps I'm just out of touch but I find things here to be rather depressing. I swear that there must be some kind of fake boob convention at our hotel, as I think my friend and I are the only ones who have the real thing. I mean today at the pool it was ridiculous! They were everywhere, and I swear if you pay for them there must be some secret code amongst other boob jobbers that you must push your chest out and see who can draw the most attention to that area. As if that wasn't enough a women came to the pool with her husband and her young daughter. By young I mean her dauther could not have been a day over 19 (and that is honestly probably a stretch) both mom and daughter had boob jobs! I found it to be do sad that people are so superfiscial here, but then I guess its Vegas right? Was was I expecting?

Also, I cannot believe the number of gray haired men running around with girlfriends that seriously lool like they could be their daughters! Its icky! Another thing that sorta floored me was all the drinking and smoking that goes on here. I mean its everywhere, in the pools! We went to the pool at 10:00am and I watched a couple young girls slam down 5 beers before noon! Now this is nothing I ever would have done, but their young so it doesn't really bother me. What I find a bit sickening is the number of 40 somethings in the pool, drinking like fish, smoking like chimmneys, talking about Marijuana, and parties like they are 21 years olds.

Now mind you we are staying in one of the more expensive hotels. It is off the strip and only been open a few months. I guess I thought we would be among a little bit higher caliber of people. Guess that is what I get for thinking though!

All in all we have been enjoying ourselves. My mouth is feeling so much better. The swelling is really coming down. So much so that I can smile almost normally without that tight feeling on my left side. I DO have a sinus infection though. Since starting the antibiotics things have improved tremendously with the swelling and sinus issues, but I think all the dry air here is bothering me a bit too. I have been sneezing (through my mouth only) like crazy, and at night my sinuses are really stuffy like I have a cold. Then everything clears up and is fine. Maybe its allergies or something. My teeth are fitting together great, and I don't have to strain against the swelling to close my mouth now, which is really cool! The swelling in my bottom lip is really coming down too! So all in all things are looking and feeling pretty good. Eating has been a bit challenging but I will go into that later in the week.

We are going to the strip tonight and plan to do a little bit of gambling. I mean were in Vegas, we have to play a little right?


  • At 3:26 PM, Blogger Tara said…

    Yes, Vegas can be a very unique place!!! I am from New York, but not the city, I'm from upstate, so I find all of that stuff so weird too! But it's great that you are able to enjoy yourself so soon after surgery. I just booked a girls weekend with three of my friends to Nashville for the end of September. I still don't have a surgery date, but I hope that it isn't too close to our trip because I want/need a fun girls weekend! Enjoy the rest of your trip! Can't wait to see updated pics of your new midlines!

  • At 7:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Brandy,

    Thanks for all your updates! So nice to hear that you can smile normally now. You really have a success story!

    I'm from Texas and we don't really do that sort of surgery here (too much) and you can ALWAYS tell when someone has had it! It is faintly depressing that people are so insecure that they think silicone will make them better-liked
    people. By whom? Other shallow people?

    I hope you win some cash. Have fun!


  • At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Brandy: Just sounds like Vas Vegas, all you have been seeing, boom jobs and all. It's a different world. It's so dry there, sometimes my nose would bleed. I always set a limit on the gambling and concentrated mostly on the food. Stay healthy and keep writing.

  • At 8:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    OOps, meant to say boob jobs, but not much difference anyhow. Some of them look like they are ready to go boom and explode.


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