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Friday, November 09, 2007

Back Tracking a bit, and new meds

So, in my book today would be the 6 month mark for me. However, technically I'm only 5 months 2 weeks, and 2 days post op. So I guess I will go by the official monthly calendar rather then my crude estimate of counting 4 weeks at a time.

I went to a First Care Clinic tonight and got a new antibiotic prescription. I always find it funny how many doctors have a way of sort of tuning you out. Now I consider myself to be a very assertive women, I'm not afraid to speak up, nor am I afraid to plead my case if I feel it is necessary. Mind you, I'm not rude, but I also will not let anyone walk all over me, even if they have a freaking medical degree. Now I like to think that doctors care about their patients and respect the fact that it is my body we are talking about, so perhaps I might know a little bit about what is going on with it. I mean that would seem to be a sort of given, don't you think? Most especially since I have been plagued with sinus infections for years! I mean, I know what they feel like when I have one. I know the second I start having one come on. Now Is it my fault that I don't present with the typical symptoms, and that even though I have had numerous CT scans they can't figure out why I keep getting these stupid infections?

What I don't understand is why some/many doctors always have to have the last word? I sometimes feel like things turn into a pissing match, like God forbid that I might actually know what is wrong with me? I don't go to the doctor to challenge their expertise, or discount their experience or knowledge, but sometimes I just know what is wrong with me, because I have had these issues for what feels like an eternity. I would be the first to admit that I didn't have a clue if I really didn't.

So...anyway, I get to the doctor. He tells me that I have sort of labored breathing in my chest and I sound pretty hoarse ( think? I mean I only have bronchitis thanks to all the sinus drainage and coughing I have been dealing with for the last 5 weeks) I told him I took Biaxin for 10 days and that it did not help, and I could tell that my sinus infection was not gone. He agrees that this could probably be true and gives me the run down about how certain antibiotics are not as effective as others...blah blah blah, I've heard this info a million times, I used to work as a pharmacy tech, I know all about antibiotics. After discussing my symptoms and history with him and seeing that convincing him I know what I'm talking about is not going to work. I acquiesced and allowed him to fluff his feathers, have the last word, and be right. He proceeded to tell me that I don't have a sinus infection that I have the flu and that I need to take Sudafed everyday for 20 days, and that he is going to give me a prescription for Augmentin to also be taken once a day. That if I take both of these it should knock out these flu symptoms in about 10 days.
I played his stupid little game so that I could walk out of there with new meds, but my question is....why must I play these stupid games? Why do so many doctors think they are so much smarter and know so much more about my body then I do? It annoys me that they possess the power to make people feel better or worse, and that as an educated women I must suck up to them, or kiss their ass so that I can get my medical concerns addressed. It is just so stupid, they so need to just get over themselves!

Now I should add that not all doctors are like this. I love my OS he rocks and always listens genuinely to what I have to say. My ortho is a good guy too, although I do think he could become testy as well if I really pushed things (which I have a tendency to do) lol... Anyway, I will get off my soapbox. Hopefully the meds will work and I can make an appointment with my regular ENT next time. What I can tell you though, is I DO NOT HAVE THE FLU! I have a Sinus infection! and some doctor saying it isn't so, is not going to change the facts.

I have been getting a lot of feeling back in my lower lip lately. Things are really starting to feel much more normal. My lower teeth are still very sensitive, especially in the lower left quadrant. I have a lot of referred response. When I touch my lower lip, I feel it in my lower gums and teeth. It's weird, but definitely getting better. Today I finally figured out what the deal is with chewing. In addition to having more space in my mouth, my teeth are no longer in the location they used to be. They have all moved forward. So the area that I used to send the food to (in the back of my mouth) does not really exist anymore because my jaws are now in a more forward position. I now realize that I must chew my food more towards the front rather then way in the back. I have been doing this a lot lately and it has been working sooo much better. It takes conscious effort though, it is not natural by any means yet. I'm hoping it will be one day though.

Ok...this post has become huge, so I will take a break for now. Here's a shout out to my recent surgery buddies Annie, and Graham! who are both doing amazingly well! Keep your spirits up and know that you will get through this! Soon you will be 5 months post op and this will all be a distant memory!

Wishing you all well!


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