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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I think its working!

Ok, I'm sorta scared to say this as I'm worried I might jinx things, but I think that my sinus infection is finally starting to improve. I can breathe out of both sides of my sinuses now and I'm starting to feel less run down. I think that in 10 days it might totally be gone! We shall see!



  • At 8:12 PM, Blogger apnea mom said…

    I'll keep my fingers crossed, you keep taking those antibiotics. Glad you are feeling better. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful - I am sitting here having just taken an antacid. Ate more than I have in a month and it was all rich food. Love the Thanksgiving dinner we do and thankful that it only happens once a year.


  • At 10:17 AM, Blogger Mary said…

    Hey Brandie, glad to hear you are getting better. Many years ago someone told me about galic capsuls for sinus health and I swear it works -- the odorless type of course.
    Would you mind emailing me the name of the supplement you took to help your nerves. It looks like I'm having my implant surgery and rather than doing a bone implant from my hip, my surgeon is going to reposition my nerve (otherwise the implants would go right through the nerve and we know what that means!). I thought maybe I would start taking the supplement right away and I might have a better chance with the repositioning. M

  • At 5:21 PM, Blogger Kristy Clucas said…

    I really hope for your sake that it is working and that you can get rid of the darned sinus infection. I cant imagine what you are going through and for such an extended amount of time...let us know how it turns out!

  • At 9:50 AM, Blogger Cara said…

    Hello Brandy my name is Cara. I found your web site a few weeks ago and it has been very helpful for me. I just had the same procedures done 5 days ago, on Monday, Nov 21, 2007. My blogpage is I would love to chat with you. Thank you!

  • At 12:35 PM, Blogger Cara said…

    Hi again I am not sure how this whole blog thing works at times, my e-mail is if that works for you I can tell you more. I had a Le Forte I not sure about the pieces 4 I think, and my lower chin was cut along the sides and brought forward. I can explain more on e-mail. Thanks for the quick response and encouagement, congrats on the braces!!!


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