Brandy's Braces, SARPE, Jaw Surgery Journal

This is my daily journal to my eventual perfect smile and Apnea free life. It logs my surgeries, and daily progress.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last "official" Ortho appointment

Well today was officially my last ortho appointment. He checked my bonded retainers, said they look good, and that I don't need to come back anymore. I mean he wasn't rude. He just said that he wouldn't make me schedule an appointment and that he no longer needed to see me unless I needed to see him. I gave him the double thumbs up sign with a big smile, and said awesome! He laughed and handed me my chart.

For some reason I feel a little sad about not having to go there anymore. I mean, I'm glad everything is all done, but I guess this has all been such a big part of my life for so long, that it seems strange to not have to go to anymore appointments.

All is going well though and feeling continues to improve. It is hard to believe that it has been 14 months now and I'm still healing, but at the same time I'm ever so glad that I am!

Here are a couple of new pics of my ever changing face! LOL..
(They look blurry til you click on them)

Monday, July 21, 2008

14 Months Post op

Wow....I have been lax with my blog posts lately. I have an excuse though, as I have been on vacation for the past month and my internet access has been pretty limited. Things are still going well. Feeling is still coming back, it is taking longer these days but it is definitely still not finished up yet.

The bonded retainer is doing well, and has helped stabilized my teeth a lot. I'm still not able to bite into things with my front teeth though without it being uncomfortable. Not unbearably so, but not like the good old days when I could bite into anything with not issues.

Eating still has its challenges at times due to the slight numbness in my lower lip. I have the most difficulty with liquid stuff like soup, or drinking things sometimes. Overall though its not too bad and I don't notice it all that much now. My range of motion is still a bit limited too.....I sometimes have to stretch my jaw out a bit before I can take big bites, but it does open once it is worked out a bit.

Overall there is not much else going on with my jaw. I will keep posting until it all improves.