Brandy's Braces, SARPE, Jaw Surgery Journal

This is my daily journal to my eventual perfect smile and Apnea free life. It logs my surgeries, and daily progress.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 Years 10 Months

Hello Everyone,
Well its been a little while since I posted last but that's because things are just healing slower at this point and it takes longer to see significant results. Believe it or not I'm still improving! Over the last few months I have gotten considerable feeling back in my l upper and lower gums and teeth. Feeling has also continued to return in my lower lip area. It is still very tingly and is improving but not quite 100% yet. I can tell it is going to completely heal though, but it is just a slow process. I can now feel my whole chin area, and the area on the outside of my lower lip. The left side, on the top surface of my lower lip is the area that is still patchy and all tingly. It has gotten sooo much better though, and I can actually feel it now when I lick my lips, it is deep inside that is still kind of numb.

Overall things just continue to improve. I have weeks where things get really tingly and almost more numb, then it will pass and I will have increased feeling back in those areas. It's really very strange how nerves heal, but I'm just happy that I'm still seeing improvements in these areas. I will post again on my 3 year anniversary date (May 24th) to let you know where I'm at.

To all of you going through this, or getting ready too....keep the faith! it's sooo worth it in the end!