Brandy's Braces, SARPE, Jaw Surgery Journal

This is my daily journal to my eventual perfect smile and Apnea free life. It logs my surgeries, and daily progress.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

2.5 years post op (well almost)

Wow, I haven't posted in awhile. Amazing how time flies when your not obsessing over your blog! LOL.. So I thought I would give you an update on where were at in terms of healing. Believe it or not things are still getting better, its just a whole lost slower in terms of how fast it is coming along.

I still have a tiny area on my bottom lip that is very tingly and numb feeling but it has gotten much smaller and more localized, and continues to get better and better, smaller and smaller. Over the last couple months I started getting a lot of feeling back in my upper teeth. I suppose I had not noticed how numb they were, just got used to it I guess, but now they are tingly and I can really feel things when I bite into them with my front teeth. I know eventually I will have full feeling back it is just a slow journey. Over all life is great now though. I sleep like a baby and have no issues to really speak of. Surgery sucked! but the end result was worth all the pain for sure!

I will keep posted until I see no more results, or I stop making progress. Just to give a sortof time line for how long it's taken, and to show that healing really can continue for a very very long time!

Until next time! :)